IBSdesigns meets with their potential clients to review what their website development needs. The majority of our clients do not already have a website; if they do we review their present website. We will review existing print media literature i.e. (brochures, postcards, pamphlets, newsletters, business cards). The reason for reviewing the media is twofold, first is to obtain as much information about their company as possible and secondly to ascertain if print media can be updated.

If you were to go to another website development company they would review your needs as far as a website site map. This would entail finding out how many pages you would need and what headings you want those pages to be (about us, contact us, portfolio, services, etc.).  They would develop those pages and ask you to give them the text or typically they would hand off the website to you and you would fill in the blanks.

  • Text will be written and or rewritten for you.
  • New pictures will be taken on site or on the job.
  • Pictures will be edited and coded correctly for website upload.
  • Gather information about your company.
  • Review your current customer base.
  • The process you interact with your customers.
  • We will research your industry to gather more information.
  • We will research the Internet for similar type companies, (gather more information, ideas, to see how they're structured).
  • Create a new logo if needed
  • Review and develop print media if needed
Here are  questions you should ask a website developer if you do not already have a website and even if you do.
  • Will you review or write text, take new pictures meet with me when needed?
  • Have you been successful in getting websites on the first page of search engines without paying per click?
  • Can I have access to the C-panel and make changes without contacting you?
  • What is the cost for any of these extras?

Website Development Process

Most people think they don't have the time to build their website, they are correct that's why they hire IBSdesigns.  IBSdesigns spends all time researching and developing their website, inconveniencing them as little as possible.  After our initial meeting IBSdesigns will develop the concept for the website and site map. IBS designs will present the concept ideas in the direction for website development, once that that is agreed upon then website development begins.

This is what separates us from the others: WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

The process:

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